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assistants for every business
Powered by artificial neural networks

Alterra Answers

  • AI that instantly answers questions about your company and products
  • Improves customer satisfaction, saves your time, and drives revenue
  • Works on your website, in apps, via email, chat and social
  • Understands natural language questions
  • Finds answers in your knowledge base
  • Industry-leading accuracy: up to 90%
When I trade in my iPhone, how long will it take to receive credit?
Within 2 weeks.
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Solutions to your needs

  • Sales

    Convert more website visitors to leads by delivering instant answers to buyers when they are ready to engage with your business.

  • Customer support

    Automatically resolve routine tickets and free up your team to focus on more difficult cases.

  • Internal QnA

    Automate internal IT support. Provide answers to staff’s questions on your policies and procedures.

Alterra Products

Deep Learning inside – no coding required

Artificial neural networks learn from conversations between humans.

Powered by Alterra NLP Engine

The engine converts natural language questions and commands into formal queries a computer can understand.


Alterra Answers can deliver instant answers in a website chat, in messengers, via email, SMS, in apps, and more.


Alterra Answers can be integrated with live chat apps, customer support and contact center solutions, etc.

A.I.+ N.I.

  • Alterra Answers works well with your team:
  • reduces repetitive questions
  • escalates complex questions to humans
  • provides AI-powered prompts that help agents reply to customers faster