assistants for every business
Powered by artificial neural networks

Answer Bot

  • Virtual agents that answer questions about your company and products
  • Convert static FAQs to question-answering bots
  • Increase sales
  • Convert visitors to customers
  • Deflect support calls
  • With up to 90% precision, Alterra is the most accurate answer bot in the industry.
When I trade in my iPhone, how long will it take to receive credit?
Within 2 weeks.
Alterra Answer Bot

Solutions to your needs

  • Sales

    The bot can greet your website visitors and help to convert more of them to customers.

  • Customer support

    Deflect about 20% of support calls by finding answers in FAQ.

  • Internal QnA

    Automate internal IT support. Provide answers to staff’s questions on your policies and procedures.

Alterra Products

Deep Learning inside – no coding required

Artificial neural networks learn from conversations between humans.

Powered by Alterra NLP Engine

The engine converts natural language questions and commands into formal queries a computer can understand.


Our bot appears as a chat widget on your website, in messengers, over email, SMS, in apps, and more.

Platforms can be integrated with chat apps, contact center solutions, CRMs, etc.

A.I.+ N.I.

  • Bot answers frequently asked questions.
  • Can escalate complex cases to humans.
  • Routes questions to the right agent.