We are a Deep Learning, natural language processing startup that has created AI-driven assistants for every business. These virtual reps can answer questions about your company and its products, greet your visitors, and help existing customers.
Alterra Answer Bots are powered by Alterra NLP Engine, which converts natural language questions and commands into formal queries a computer can understand.

Our NLP Engine is the most accurate on the market and yet is 1,000x faster than recurrent neural networks (RNN).
We love the “learned, not coded” paradigm of Deep Learning. Accordingly, no coding is required in creating our bots. The artificial neural networks we construct learn from conversations between humans.

The team

We are a small but growing team of ML/AI/NLP aficionados hailing from Google, Yandex, and academia.

Members of our team have previous experience with topics ranging from search to natural language processing to data security and encryption; the mathematics of protein folding and drug discovery; transcranial brain stimulation, and Theoretical Physics. One of us, Dmitry Kondakov, is “the fastest coder in the world” – he won the latest Topcoder world finals. Three team members have PhDs in Theoretical Physics, including the company's founder and CEO, Sergei Burkov, an ex-Googler and serial entrepreneur. His previous startup was acquired by Google.

Pooling our skills and experiences, we are learning how to teach computers to understand humans. Star Trek computer is our dream…

Headquartered in sunny Palo Alto, California