Alterra Travel

Virtual travel agents

Sell flights and hotels and recommend destinations, all in natural language

  • Sell travel via email or chat
  • Conversational interface
  • Deep Learning inside: no rules-based
    coding required


  • Virtual travel agents for travel agencies and travel management companies
  • White label
  • Omni-channel: email, SMS, Facebook, Slack,
    Skype and other messengers
  • Integrates with GDSs and booking engines
  • Pre-trained RNN inside – no further training required
  • 95% precision
  • Recommend destinations for leisure travel
  • Also available via Alterra Travel API

Alterra, the
travel agent bot

Facebook Messenger bot

Book flights and hotels, all in natural language, e.g.:

– need two economy tickets from San Francisco to London departing next Sunday back on Oct 30

– 4+ star hotel in Paris arriving Jun 1 for 5 days with free Wi-Fi and gym.

Also available for Slack, Skype and Telegram messengers

Destination finder

If you know what you want to do on vacation, but don’t know where to go, Alterra can help

Search by activities, interests or themes – Alterra will recommend cities, resorts, national parks, regions or countries to go to:

– summer vacation ideas for families

– romantic getaway

– best ski resorts in Switzerland

– 7 days comfortable vacation in unspoiled nature for two with good and safe food

Alterra Travel API

All Alterra Travel, via API

Alterra travel booking API

The API takes free-form user query, extracts all parameters such as locations, dates, target prices, class of service, amenities, etc. and returns them in a structured form. You may pass these structured queries to a GDS or your booking engine.

API documentation

Destination recommendation engine

The engine behind the Destination finder. Recommends leisure travel destinations by activities or themes, aka “Pandora for travel”

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