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    This Answer Bot does not know anything about external topics. It can only answer questions about our company and products.
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  • We make AI assistants for every business – virtual reps that answer questions about your company and products.

    They are powered by our NLP engine that converts natural language questions and commands to formal queries a computer can understand. It is available via an API.

    May I please have email to send more information to?

  • Our headquarters are in Palo Alto, California. Please contact us at info@alterra.ai
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  • Our products are:

    Answer Bot: answers questions about your company and products

    FAQ API: semantic question answering, in natural language

    Phraser API: Semantic classifier for questions and commands 

    Travel API: sell flights and hotels, in chat

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  • All our stuff is available via APIs.

    Details and API documentation here. May I have email to send more information to?