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Alterra Answers for Drift

Alterra Answers is an intelligent bot that answers leads’ and customers’ questions 24/7 to help your Drift team convert more website traffic. Connect it to your account from the Drift App Directory.
The Alterra Answers acts as a virtual presales rep that greets visitors, captures their contact details, and instantly answers their questions about your company and products. Working alongside your team in Drift, it filters out unqualified sales leads so your reps can focus on closing a sale.
Powered by the Alterra Deep Learning NLP Engine, our bot stands out by the accuracy of its algorithms. In situations where other bots would typically correctly respond in 25% to 50% of the cases,

the Alterra Bot can master up to 90% accuracy.


  • The Alterra Answers works 24/7 when sales reps are typically not available.

  • The bot frees your reps to concentrate on qualified leads.

  • The bot filters out spam and irrelevant chatter, and automatically reroutes inquiries that lack purchasing intent, away from sales and on to support, accounting and other departments.

The Alterra Answers doesn’t rely on on-screen buttons or storybooks. Through the use of Natural Language Processing, it can understand and answer plain English questions.

Set up couldn’t be faster and easier. No coding is required – the AI takes care of everything. The app imports your knowledge base and converts it to an intelligent question-answering bot.

How it works:

The Alterra Answers acts as yet another member of your Drift team. It can operate either fully autonomously, in an auto-pilot mode, or in a co-pilot mode, together with your agents.

You can activate the bot in the auto-pilot mode during nights and weekends when your live agents are not available. It will answer visitors’ questions and capture their contact details.

During regular business hours, you can use the bot in the co-pilot mode. It will start the conversation, answer routine product questions and then transfer the call to your live agents for closing.


Create an account/login on

Upload your FAQ and query log, and train AI via Alterra FAQ Editor

In your Drift account go to App Settings/Apps, find Alterra Answers and click Connect

Learn more and schedule a free demo here: