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Alterra Answers - ManyChat integration

Connect Alterra’s NLP technology to your ManyChat flow to create a Facebook Messenger bot that can understand human language and intelligently answer customers’ questions


ManyChat guides customers through pre-built dialog flows

ManyChat provides a visual bot builder for Facebook Messenger with quick reply buttons, scheduled posting, broadcasts, and analytics.

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Alterra answers customers’ free-text questions

Alterra helps businesses automate answers to repetitive questions in Facebook Messenger. It understands human language and delivers the right information from the company’s knowledge base whenever asked.

Messenger Bot that intelligently answers customers’ questions

When you connect Alterra Answers to your ManyChat flow Alterra will reply to all free-text messages, while Manychat will send broadcasts, qualify leads, and guide prospects through your marketing funnel.

Enhanced with Alterra’s NLP, your Facebook Messenger bot will be able to understand human language and intelligently answer customers’ questions.

People can ask their questions in plain English as if they are talking to a human.

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  • Increase customer satisfaction

    Provide better customer experience by making conversations faster, smarter and a little more human

  • Grow sales

    Accelerate customers’ path to conversion by helping people get all the product information they need in real time

  • Automate support on Facebook

    Automate replies to customers’ help requests and wow your Messenger audience with live 24/7 support

  • Save your precious time

    Alterra Answers takes care of answering repetitive questions, so you can focus on more important tasks and grow your business faster

Code-free setup

Setup couldn’t be easier. No coding is required – the AI takes care of everything. Just upload your FAQ articles to Alterra, the bot will learn from your knowledge base and deliver the right information in Facebook Messenger whenever asked.

You can choose between two integration options:

1. Light integration
Add both Alterra and ManyChat bots to your Facebook Page and let them work side by side.

2. Full integration
Plug Alterra in ManyChat as a Default Reply provider.

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How to get started?

  • To start, you will need ManyChat and accounts. Create your account here. Try it free for 30 days.

  • Upload your knowledge base articles via the Alterra FAQ Editor to create your bot.

  • Connect Alterra Answers to your ManyChat flow. Check out the ManyChat integration page to find out more about the integration options.

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