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Alterra Answers for Slack

Alterra Answers is a bot that automatically responds to employees’ repetitive questions in Slack. It is as easy as asking a teammate.

Get fast answers to your work questions

Ask your questions about company’s internal policies and procedures in Slack. Alterra bot will find answers in the company’s knowledge base and instantly reply.

Alterra Bot understands the meaning of your questions

Alterra Bot understands natural language, so employees can ask questions in their own words and get accurate answers in seconds. With up to 90% precision, it is the most accurate question-answering bot on the market.

Build up your knowledge base from Slack

You can teach the bot how to answer new questions right from Slack. When a new question pops up, you can type the answer in Slack and add it to your knowledge base.

Never answer the same question twice

Got a question you’ve already answered many times?
Don’t waste your time answering it again. Have the bot answer repetitive questions and save your precious time.

Get started quickly

With Alterra FAQ Editor, you can turn the company’s knowledge base into an intelligent question-answering bot that understands natural language. No coding required. It's never been easier to get started.

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Common use cases across the company:

  • HR

    Automate answers to routine HR questions like requesting time off, health insurance, travel expense reimbursement policy, etc.

  • IT Service Management

    The Alterra bot can resolve routine IT requests and free up humans to work on more meaningful tasks.

  • Customer Support

    The Alterra bot can boost the productivity of your agents by helping them find the right support articles faster.

  • Wiki Search

    The Alterra bot quickly retrieves information from the corporate wiki so your team can learn faster and get work done more productively.

How to get started?

  • Sign up for a free 30-days trial.

  • Upload your knowledge base via the Alterra FAQ Editor to create your Slack bot.

  • Add the bot to your Slack workspace and to the #channels where you’ll need its help.

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