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Alterra Cue Cards
for Drift

Respond to customers faster with AI-powered reply suggestions in Drift

Why Alterra Cue Cards?

Stop losing leads because of slow response time
Respond to visitors NOW, when they are ready to buy
Cut back on repetitive writing
Quickly compose compelling messages using smart reply suggestions
Spend less time switching tabs and searching for answers
Get relevant answers right where you work the moment you need it

More than just a list of saved replies

Whenever you’re chatting with prospective customers in Drift, Alterra Cue Cards works by your side, interactively offering on-point reply suggestions as you chat.

It helps you to respond faster when you need to. It finds answers to complex questions. It arms you with competitor intelligence to overcome customer objections. Everything is just a click away.

Using AI to help you respond faster

Alterra Cue Cards uses our proprietary Natural Language Processing technology to understand the intent behind every message and provide information relevant to your conversations in real time.

Thanks to our cutting edge technology, you won’t need to search for answers anymore - you’ll have the right knowledge at your fingertips at the moment you need it.

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How you can benefit from Alterra Cue Cards

  • Stop losing leads because of slow response time
  • Improve your sales force productivity
  • Get new team members up to speed faster
  • Provide ongoing sales coaching
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How it works

  • Get suggestions

    Alterra offers smart reply suggestions right in your Drift conversations tab. When you see the suggestion that you like, click ‘Use it’ to insert the text into your response.

  • Customize every message

    Alterra allows you to customize replies before sending them to prospects. Be fast and knowledgeable while remaining personal and human.

  • No distractions

    Alterra Cue Cards are ephemeral messages that are only visible to you. They show up on request and vanish as your chat goes on.

  • Code-free setup

    To set up Alterra Cue Cards for your team, connect your existing knowledge base to Alterra or create new cue cards in our FAQ Editor. You can do it without writing a single line of code.

How to get started?

  • To start, you will need Drift and accounts. Create your account here. Try it free for 30 days.

  • Create your cue cards by uploading your existing knowledge base to Alterra or by building one in our FAQ Editor.

  • In your Drift account, go to Settings/Integrations, find Alterra Cue Cards and connect your Drift and accounts.

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