Alterra Answer Bot for Zendesk

The Alterra Answer Bot is an app that plugs directly into your Zendesk and can instantly resolve about 20% of your support tickets by finding answers in your Knowledge Base.


  • Improve your customer satisfaction scores thanks to shorter time to resolution

  • Reduce support costs

  • The bot never sleeps, so your nights and weekends will be covered

  • Free your agents to concentrate on complex cases

  • Improve your self-service rate with AI-powered Knowledge search

Powered by the Alterra Deep Learning NLP Engine, it is the most accurate answer bot in the industry. Typically, it can deflect up to four times more tickets than other answer bots.

Deflect 4x more tickets

How it works:

The Alterra Answer Bot can operate either fully autonomously, in an auto-pilot mode, or in a co-pilot mode, together with your agents.

You can activate the bot in the auto-pilot mode, even when your live agents are not available. The bot screens all new Zendesk tickets and tries to find the answer in your Knowledge Base. If the user is satisfied, the case is closed. Otherwise, the ticket goes into your regular queue.

The bot could also work in tandem with your live agents. In the co-pilot mode, the app integrates into the Zendesk agent’s desktop and displays three suggestions for agents to choose from.

A companion AI-powered Knowledge Base search engine can take over search in Zendesk KB, with a similar 4x improvement in self-resolution rate.

To learn more schedule a free demo here.


Setup couldn’t be easier. No coding is required – the AI takes care of everything. The app plugs directly into your Zendesk, imports your Zendesk Knowledge and converts it to an intelligent question-answering bot.

Go to the Zendesk Apps Marketplace, find Alterra Answer Bot app there and click Install.

Learn more and schedule a free demo here: /home/answer-bot