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Alterra Answers for Zendesk

Provide better customer service with Alterra Answers, an AI-powered app that plugs into your Zendesk Support account to help your team answer customers’ questions faster.


  • 1. Increase customer satisfaction by providing instant answers to customers’ questions

  • 2. Lower support costs by reducing time agents have to spend answering repetitive questions

  • 3. Be accessible 24/7, to win customer trust and loyalty. outperforms competition by 4x

Powered by the best-in-class Deep Learning NLP Engine, Alterra Answers understands natural language and finds answers by meaning, not just keywords. Typically, it can deflect four times more tickets than competitors’ products.

Auto-pilot mode

Automatically resolve up to 20% of support tickets

In the auto-pilot mode, Alterra Answers screens all new Zendesk tickets and tries to respond instantly by finding answers in your knowledge base. If the user is satisfied with the answer, the case is closed. Otherwise, the ticket goes into your regular queue.

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Co-pilot mode

Help your team to find relevant support articles faster

In the co-pilot mode, Alterra suggests answers to customers’ questions right inside the Zendesk agent interface. The AI-powered recommendations boost productivity of your team and thus help to shorten your first response time and time to resolution.

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Code-free setup

Setup couldn’t be easier. No coding is required – the AI takes care of everything. The app plugs directly into your Zendesk Support account, imports your Zendesk Guide knowledge base and converts it into an intelligent system that can provide faster, time-saving answers to your leads and customers.

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How to get started?

  • To start, you will need Zendesk Support and accounts. Create your account here. Try it free for 30 days.

  • Go to Zendesk Marketplace and install Alterra Answers app, then connect your Zendesk Support and accounts.

  • Import your knowledge base articles from Zendesk Guide or upload your FAQ file to the Alterra FAQ Editor. Try it in the co-pilot mode first, then turn on auto-pilot.

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