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Alterra Answers for Facebook Messenger

Alterra Answers is a bot that integrates with the Facebook Messenger Platform and helps you to automate sales and customer support across multiple touch points, be it your Facebook Page, Facebook Messenger or FB chat on your website.


  • 1. Engage customers where they are

    Connect with your customers on the platform they already use – on Facebook Messenger. Be accessible and respond in real time to unlock meaningful connections.

  • 2. Build long-lasting relationships with your customers

    Conversations stay in Messenger, so you can re-engage customers days and weeks after the first interaction.

  • 3. Generate more sales

    Help people to get all the product information they need to make purchasing decisions. No more long wait times. Alterra Bot answers instantly, 24/7. Prompt service – more conversions.

  • 4. Improve customer service experience

    Automate replies to customers’ help requests and wow your Facebook audience with live 24/7 support.

Why Alterra Answers?

  • Accuracy

    With up to 90% precision, Alterra Bot is the most accurate question answering bot on the market.

  • Omnichannel

    Automate customer experience across your Facebook Page, Facebook Messenger, and Customer chat plugin on your website.

  • Facebook approved

    No Facebook approval is required – it is already cleared by Facebook and gets to work immediately.

  • Seamless human-AI collaboration

    Seamlessly transfer a conversation from the bot to a human without losing the conversation’s history and context.

  • Speaks your customer’s language

    Alterra Bot understands natural language and creates an unparalleled conversational experience. No buttons. No menus. Just free text.

  • No coding required

    With Alterra FAQ Editor, anyone in your team can turn your knowledge base into a question answering bot in no time. It's never been easier to get started.

One bot — three customer touch points

Once you have created your bot for Facebook Messenger it will automatically appear in your Facebook Page’s Inbox. Plus you’ll be able to add your Facebook Messenger bot to your website with the Messenger customer chat plugin.

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Extend Messenger experience onto your website

The customer chat plugin enables you to integrate a live chat with all the features of a Facebook Messenger directly into your website.

With the plugin, your customers can switch between your website and Messenger without losing the conversation’s history and context. And you can follow up with them days and weeks after they left your website.

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