Alterra Answer Bot

Answers questions about your company and products

Convert static FAQ to a question-answering bot.


  • Maximize the value of your website traffic
  • Convert visitors to customers
  • Increase sales
  • Deflect support calls
  • With up to 90% precision, Alterra is the most accurate answer bot in the industry
When I trade in my iPhone, how long will it take to receive credit?
Within 2 weeks.


  • Sales

    The bot can greet your website visitors and help to convert more of them to customers.

  • Customer support

    Deflect about 20% of support calls by finding answers in FAQ.

  • Internal QnA

    Automate internal IT support. Provide answers to staff’s questions on your policies and procedures.


  • Website Chat

    Deploy a chat widget on your website just like the widget in the lower right corner here

  • Facebook Messenger

    Begin a conversation on your website and continue the discussion in Facebook Messenger

  • Rapid Resolution

    Intercept incoming support requests and have the bot instantly resolve them by finding answers in your FAQs and knowledge base

  • FAQ Search

    AI – driven search for FAQs and knowledge bases which enables users to search by meaning rather than keywords

  • Drift

    Virtual sales development reps that help to qualify and capture leads, 24/7. Drift plugin, available at the official Drift Appstore.

  • Intercom

    Just say “Operator!” to transfer the conversation to your live agents in Intercom

  • Zendesk

    Virtual AI agents that work right alongside your Zendesk support team

  • Integrations

    Answer Bot currently integrates with Bright Pattern contact center software and Chatbox messaging suite. It can also be integrated with other chat apps, messengers, email, SMS, and mobile apps.


  • Ask questions using natural language
  • Search by meaning, not just by keywords
  • Deep Learning inside – no coding required
  • The artificial neural network enables the bot to learn from conversations between humans
  • With up to 90% precision, it is the most accurate answer bot in the industry
  • Humans can train the neural network to make it even more accurate
  • Bot answers frequently asked questions
  • Can escalate complex cases to humans and efficiently route them to the right agents
  • Can be integrated with chat apps, contact center solutions, and CRMs

Get Started

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    Register – click here

  • 02

    Upload your FAQ and query log – via FAQ Editor

  • 03

    Add two lines of JS code to your website – get it here

  • We will be happy to give you a demo and help to set up
    Request demo

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Alterra FAQ Editor

  • Upload and edit your
    FAQ file

  • Label the training set
    to improve ML quality

For the system to work, you need to upload a training corpus.

The training corpus should consist of:
1. The FAQ file – the set of canonical question-answer pairs
2. Historic user queries with the correct answers assigned to them

You can upload your FAQ file and query log to the system via FAQ Editor.

(Alternatively, you can do it programmatically, via FAQ API.)
More about Alterra FAQ Editor

Open FAQ editor

Facebook Messenger customer chat plugin

Begin conversation on your website, continue in Facebook Messenger

With this plugin, provided by Facebook, your customers can switch between your website and Messenger without losing the conversation’s history and context. And you can follow up with them days and weeks after they left your website.
Learn more.

The plugin, as provided by Facebook, requires your live reps to chat with customers (similar to Intercom, Drift, etc.).

Alterra gives you a virtual rep, a bot, to answer frequently asked questions. Your live reps may still handle more complex cases and/or close deals.

This bot can also operate outside of your website, inside Facebook Messenger. That is, as an added bonus, you also get a Messenger bot.

To activate your Facebook chat plugin and Messenger bot you have to link your Facebook Page to our system. You can do it via FAQ Editor.
Details here.

No Facebook approval is required – our bot is already cleared by Facebook.

Rapid Resolution

Intercept support requests in the browser, before they are submitted to the ticket queue, and instantly resolve them by finding answers in FAQ.

If your website users can submit support requests via a web form, we can intercept these requests and instantly resolve about 20% of them.

How it works:

  • Add two lines of JS code to the page that hosts the "Contact support" web form
  • Users type questions into the form
  • Our JS intercepts them and sends them to the Alterra Answer Bot
  • Our Bot searches your FAQ
  • The search results are displayed in a pop-up, along with two buttons: “My problem is solved” and “I still need help”
  • If the user clicks on "Solved", the issue is resolved
  • If the user clicks "I still need help", a ticket is created and sent to live support
  • You can see how many of these requests were resolved in the Analytics tab of the FAQ Editor
Live demo
In a sense, the Alterra Answer Bot is a search engine. You can give it a search engine interface.

However, Alterra Answer Bot is a search engine on steroids. It is powered by artificial neural networks and can search by meaning, not just keywords.

Thanks to it, it has precision of up to 90%, whereas traditional Google-like keywords-based FAQ search solutions are accurate only 25% to 50% of the time.